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If you want to sell your house in York quickly then A Quick Sale can help. We are a specialist company that offers to buy any type of property in York, Harrogate and North Yorkshire.

We offer tailor-made solutions based on your needs. All you have to do is trust us to find you the best solution for you. We can offer cash up front if required, and complete a sale as quickly as a week from now.

We can also work around your timescales, delaying completion if required to fit in with your timescales and requirements.

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At A Quick Sale we make selling your property in York and Harrogate quickly as easy as possible. We want you to get the best value for your home. Whether you face repossession, need to relocate urgently, are in the process of divorce or separation, a victim of chain breaking, or in financial difficulty, we can advise you on the best possible solution.

Just complete the online form and we'll contact you to discuss the best solution for you.

Established since 2003, our reputation is built on fairness and transparency. Well provide you with the best options, based on your circumstances, for you to consider. You will never be pressurised or rushed to make a decision, and there are absolutely no costs or fees.

  • Sell your house fast – Do you need to sell your home quickly but can't see how you can do this? A Quick Sale may be able to help you by buying your home quickly. more...
    With many people suffering from financial difficulties including redundancy, loss of income, and the effects of the credit crunch and recession, it is common for people to need to sell their home quickly. But in this poor market, buyers with funding can be hard to find. That's where A Quick Sale comes in. We can buy your house quickly and we can work to your timescales. Contact us to get started now...
  • Financial difficulties – Having trouble clearing your debt? By selling your house to A Quick Sale you can get your hands on the money fast. more...
    Has your credit card debt built up over the last few months? Are store cards or utilities bills getting more difficult to pay off? If you have equity in your home, selling up to clear your debts might seem an appealing option. A Quick Sale may be able to help you with the sale of your house.
  • Bereavement – After a death and bereavement you may not want to go through a prolonged house sale – we can buy your home quicker than a traditional sale. more...
    If a close member of your family has died recently, the sale of a house to divide money for a will or inheritance as quickly as possible may be desirable. A Quick Sale have the ability to arrange house sales much faster than you would find on the open market, so may be just what you are looking for.
  • Divorce or separation – “I need to sell my home because I’m getting divorced” – We can help you sell your home and split your assets. more...
    If you're getting divorced or separated from your partner, you may be going through the stressful process of dividing your property. If you both would like to get your share of the money from the house sale as soon as possible, a fast sale may be particularly appealing.
  • Relocation and emigration – Selling your house to move abroad? We can move quickly if you can’t sell your house. more...
    Moving overseas to Australia or some other international destination? Well if you've got your plane tickets booked but are having trouble selling your house before you leave, A Quick Sale may be able to help. By buying your house in as quickly as a week, you can have the cash in your bank before relocating or emigrating.
  • Repossession – In arrears with your mortgage and you could be about to be repossessed? We can buy your house to avoid the bailiffs and debt collectors. more...
    Everyday people who are struggling with money have to deal with repossession, which is sometimes known as foreclosure. A Quick Sale may be able to help you stop and avoid being repossessed; we can arrange to sell your house quickly within a week to avoid the dreaded knock on the door with your repossession order.
  • Chain breaking – Have you been gazundered with a last minute price change or has someone broken your chain? We can help you out. more...
    With the instability of the property market, unfortunately more and more property sales are falling through before contracts are exchanged or completed. If your buyer has pulled out but you don't want to lose the house you are buying, A Quick Sale may be able to help.
  • Ill health – We can help if you want to sell your home quickly and easily because of poor health or illness. more...
    If you're having problems with your health, you may be struggling to keep up with payments on your mortgage. Even if you've never fallen into arrears before, lenders can sometimes be far from supportive. A Quick Sale may be able to help by purchasing your house from you, to free up your cash for medical bills or whatever you want to spend your money on.
  • Landlords – We’ve helped many property investors who want to sell their buy-to-let properties more...
    Having trouble renting your holiday let or investment property? Or has the cost of interest rates on your mortgage increased so much, that it's no longer profitable to manage your buy to let? You're not alone and A Quick Sale has experience of helping people in your exact situation with a fast home sale.

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