Property with garden or land?

You could be sitting on a Goldmine!

Does your property have the potential to create a building plot? If so it could be worth more than you think.

We buy houses with a garden or land, where a building plot can be created, or just the land itself if you prefer.

You’ll find that we are experts in unlocking the potential of garden plots and adjacent land and can usually do an assessment within a day or two and let you know what the potential is.

If you decide to go ahead we handle all the discussions with the local Planning Department of your council and liaise with the Architect to propose the highest value development. This can be quite complex, with initial proposals sometimes being turned down or in need of amendment. However we use our time and money to resolve such issues.

However long and costly the process, we pay all the costs. You will not incur any costs or fees whatsoever.

We also take into account what you want. If the new property is to be quite close to your house, you might prefer it to be a bungalow to maintain your privacy.

You may be concerned about the impact on your property’s value if you sell off part of the garden. We’ll advise on this. In many cases the impact is minimal.

If the land being sold is less than 0.5 hectares (1.2 acres) there is normally no Capital Gains Tax to pay if the property is your main residence, although you should always take specialist tax advice.

Dependent on your preference, we can either buy the plot outright for the full value, or enter into a joint venture with you, where we agree a profit split based on the final financial return. Whilst this has an element of risk for you compared to an outright sale, your return should be greater.

No two developments are the same so if you have a house with potential to build within the boundary, we suggest you call us for an exploratory discussion. There are no fees and you will be under no obligation.

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