Frequently Asked Questions…

How can I sell my house fast?

Selling to us ensures a quick sale of your house. Selling your house using an Estate Agent can be slow, and around 1 in 3 agreed sales subsequently fall through due to issues with finance or the survey. Once we’ve agreed an offer we guarantee a quick sale of your house, to fit in with your deadlines.

How do you assess the value of my property?

We have property professionals in your area. We will value your property based on recent local comparables and discuss this with you. Your property may be worth more or less than others sold recently depending on condition, size, etc. This is exactly the same process a knowledgeable local Estate Agent will use. It is not a Chartered Surveyor’s valuation – these are usually more cautious as they are wary of overvaluing due to professional responsibility and liability.

How much will you offer?

Usually between 75% and 90% of the open market value. This might seem a wide range but it does depend on the individual property. Where there is potential to add value, for example through refurbishment or possibly extending, our offer could be higher.

I need to sell my house quick, how long does it take?

We can complete a sale within 7 days if you need a really quick sale of your house. A typical house sale will take 3 – 4 weeks. However we will work to your timescales and deadlines. We can also exchange contracts (to give you a legally binding sale) and then delay the completion until the date you require. This could be useful if you are buying or renting another property and don’t have a definite move in date at this stage.

Do you buy all types of property?


Do you buy properties that need work?

Yes. In many cases we will do work to add value before re-selling, so these are of particular interest to us.

Can you stop repossession?

Usually, yes. The earlier you contact us the better, but we have been able to stop repossession even a day before it is due to take place.

Do you buy tenanted properties?


Are there any costs?

No. We do not charge for valuations, surveys or anything else. We will also pay your legal fees for the sale of your property.

Do you meet me face to face?

Yes! Following an initial telephone conversation, we will meet you to view the property and discuss a quick sale of your house. We will only proceed if you’re sure that selling to us is the best option for you. We are real people who operate professionally. We do not run a Call Centre type of business, using third party agents or Chartered Surveyors to value your property.

Can I withdraw from the sale if I change my mind?

Yes. This rarely happens with us because unless you want to sell as much as we want to buy, we don’t go ahead. We always ensure you are happy with everything before starting the legal process. However, things can change, and we don’t tie you in to any agreements or contracts, and we don’t charge for any costs incurred should you need to withdraw.

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